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Virginia Beach Summer School

The school division's 2023 Summer School programming will offer opportunities for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Programs of Study

The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center (Tech Center) offers high school students in grades 11 and12 the opportunity to combine academic and vocational preparation to achieve personal fulfillment, responsible citizenship, and economic self-sufficiency. With 23 programs, the Tech Center prepares students for quality, career employment and provides them with the competencies necessary to advance beyond entry-level positions.

The Tech Center also prepares students for existing occupations as well as for those emerging during the coming decades. In today’s extremely competitive job market, it is more important than ever to have a marketable skill. Students who complete programs at the Tech Center have the option to enter the job market directly or to continue their studies at two or four year colleges, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, military service, or professional technical institutions. All Tech Center courses award three credits, and students who wish to attend must complete a Tech Center application which they may obtain from their school counselors. Students learn workplace readiness skills within the content area and will have the opportunity to verify their knowledge of workplace readiness skills through an industry assessment.