Vocational Evaluation

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How to Dress
• Appropriate clothing for hands-on work (no shorts, bare midriffs, tank tops, sandals)

What to Expect
• Review career areas and training options
• Do hands-on career exploration in the career assessment lab
• Take related paper-pencil and/or computerized tests
• Learn about your skills and interests
• Tour Tech Center programs

• You will ride the A.M. shuttle bus to the Tech Center.  You will need to get the bus # from your counselor.
• Lunch is not available.  Bring a snack or bag lunch or money for the vending machines.
 bus will take you back to your school mid-day (10:05 a.m.) or in the afternoon around 1:00 p.m.
Medical Information Form
Referral Form
Vocational Evaluation Schedule 2019-2020

Vocational Evaluator                                     
Ronica Henry
[email protected]