Television Communications and Production

Are you a creative person who has an interest in television and movies? Check out Television Communications and Production , a two-year, six credit program, where you will learn many of the skills the television and movie industries are seeking in qualified behind-the-scenes candidates! You will learn in a real studio on high-tech cameras, computers and software, and you will even have the opportunity to star in, produce, and edit a real show on Channel 48 VBTV!

This is a two-year course for individuals interested in the television industry. The first year introduces students to video production with an emphasis on studio production as students create and design many different programs. Students function as directors, audio operators, camera operators, technical directors, and on-screen performers. The second year introduces students to field production and editing. Students will produce documentaries, commercials, dramatic programs, newscasts, and "TVtechVB" which airs on VBTV channel 48. Students will prepare for the following credentials or certifications: National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Assessment- Television Broadcasting; and the Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Examination.

Right now students in TV Production are working on:

Nortel Career Bytes, an editing project, Nortel Lesson Studies, an off-site shoot, published on the Internet, Commercials for the Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union and Adult Learning Center, shown in Virginia Beach movie theaters! The Tech Center Promotional video shown in all high schools, Writing, editing, and producing skits, commercials, talk shows
Fall Senior Newscast
Fall Junior Newscast

In addition to going straight to the work force, our graduates have many options after successfully completing their courses!

Further your education at a community college, technical school or university:
Full Sail
NC School of the Arts
The Art Institute
TCC, ODU and other universities: Programs in Mass Communications, Video Production, Broadcasting, to name a few

All students at the Tech Center have the option to obtain an internship towards the end of their experience here. The philosophy is that there is invaluable knowledge and experience to be gained working side-by-side with a professional in an actual environment. Below are some of the great internships our students have had, thanks to Television Communication & Production!
The following organizations are a sampling of those who have employed our students as interns in television and radio production positions:
WVEC: Production Assistant
High Impact Television: Camera Operator
ESPN Radio : Production Assistant

Instructor: Edward Phillips
Picture of Edward Phillips TV Production Teacher