Are you a detailed person who loves to design and create things? Check out Masonry, a two-year, six credit program, where you will learn many of the skills the construction industry is seeking in qualified candidates! You will learn in a state-of-the-art lab equipped with tools, and you will even have the opportunity to help build a real house to be sold to benefit the
picture of masonry students building a brick mailbox.
 education foundation!
In this one year course students work with brick and block on full-sized projects in the shop, on campus and at construction sites. Students learn to use, care for and safely handle the tools, machinery, equipment and materials commonly used in the masonry trade. Activities involve laying brick, building walls and columns and planning and constructing a variety of structures. The masonry program also includes working with stone, concrete and interlock paving. Students will prepare for the following credentials or certifications: Skills Connect Assessment (SkillsUSA)- Masonry; and the Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Examination.
In addition to going straight to the work force, our graduates have many options after successfully completing their courses! Further your education at a community college, technical school or university:
Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman Union: Apprenticeship
International Masonry Institute: Masonry Craft Training

Brick Mason
Cement Mason
Tile Setter
Construction Manager

All students at the Tech Center have the option to obtain an internship towards the end of their experience here. The philosophy is that there is invaluable knowledge and experience to be gained working side-by-side with a professional in an actual environment. Below are some of the great internships our students have had, thanks to Masonry!

Below is a sample of businesses who have employed our students as masons and masonry apprentices:
Snow Jr. & King Masonry
Coastal Masonry
Straight Line Masonry

Instructor: Charles McDaniel

picture of teacher charles mcdaniel