Are you a detailed person who loves to know how things work? Check out Electronics/Robotics, a two-year, six credit program, where you will learn many of the skills the electronics industry is seeking in qualified candidates! You will learn in a state-of-the-art lab equipped with tools and software, and you will even have the opportunity to earn your Certified Electronics Technician, Robotics, OSHA and or Solidworks certifications!

Students in this exciting course will build, test and design electronic circuits. They will also learn computer programming skills, work with 3D modeling software as well as 3D printers and develop cell phone apps. In the Robotics facet of the course, students will develop high tech robotics projects such as Quadcopters and fully functional robots that connect mechanics, pneumatics and electronics together. The course is structured with lessons and class discussions, hands-on demonstrations, hands –on lab activities and personally developed projects. Computer integration is a key part of instruction and is a fundamental tool in this classroom. Students in the program are involved in several annual competitions that will test their skill and engineering ability as they develop projects to meet specified criteria. This course is also a dual-enrollment course with Tidewater Community College and students can earn college credit during this course of study. Students will prepare for the following credentials or certifications: Electronics Technician Association (ETA) Certification- Electronics Module DC (EM1); National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Assessment- Electronics; and the Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Examination. Throughout the two year program, students will have the opportunity to earn many certifications such as workplace readiness, OSHA 10, Electronics technician, and Robotics specialists.

In addition to going straight to the work force, our graduates have many options after successfully completing their courses! Further your education at a community college, technical school or university:
TCC: AAS Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
Most, if not all, universities offer programs in electronics and engineering!

Careerspicture of an electronics workstation
Robotics Engineer
Robotics Technician
Electronics Technician
Medical Equipment Technician
Electronics Engineer
Avionics Equipment and Service Technician
Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician
Communications Industry Electronics
3D Modeling Engineer

All students at the Tech Center have the option to obtain an internship towards the end of their experience here. The philosophy is that there is invaluable knowledge and experience to be gained working side-by-side with a professional in an actual environment. Below are some of the great internships our students have had, thanks to Electronics/Robotics!

The following businesses are a sampling of those who have employed our students or provided internships in electronics positions:
Ocean Audio: Car Stereo/Amp Technician
Best Buy: Sales, Electronics
Same Day Auto Audio Repair: Car Stereo Technician
ABSC Electronics: On-site hookup, troubleshooting
The following businesses are a sampling of those who have employed our students as interns:
Calvary Electrical Construction
Kenny Electric
Breaker Box Plus
Arc Electric

    Instructor: Kevin Pace
picture of teacher kevin pace